Often asked: First Step Basketball?

What is a first step in basketball?

A first step is the first dribble an offensive player takes when they decide to dribble the ball after a catch. This first step needs to be as explosive as possible. The goal is to gain, and maintain, a space advantage vs. a defender. I no longer teach jab or crossover footwork on a first step dribble.

How do I make my first step faster?

Explode into a sprint, trying to get up to full speed as quickly as possible. Complete five to 10 sets and rest 60 seconds between each one. This drill works on your reaction time and your ability to start explosively and increase your speed. You need a partner, a tennis ball, and an open space.

What is a quick first step?

The Quick First Step badge activates frequently when equipped. The badge description says it activates during a triple threat or dribble size up. Luckily for this badge 2k is quite generous with what is considered a triple threat position as you will see this badge trigger often.

How do I get faster and explosive?


  2. Just say no to these common plyometric mistakes. Skipping stability work.
  3. Thinking every jumping exercise is plyometric.
  4. Doing a million reps.
  5. Sticking with the same four exercises.
  6. Being too committed to moves means you’re waiving more muscle-boosting benefits.
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Is quick first step good?

While a quick first step is just one of the many things they do well, it can certainly turn a moderate player into a very good player.

Do you need quick first step to speed boost?

To Speed Boost in NBA 2K20 you will need to take into consideration your speed w/ball rating. Speed w/ball is basically 70% of your speed rating and 30% Ball Handling to make the rating. Using the Quick First Step badge will make you launch out quicker, regardless of the tier of the badge.

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