Often asked: How To Make A Basketball Pinata?

How do you make a pinata ball?

Tutorial for Making a Pokeball Pinata

  1. Make your paper mache glue by mixing one part flour with one part water.
  2. Blow up a balloon or a beach ball.
  3. Rip the newspaper into strips about an inch in width.
  4. Dip the newspaper strips into the paper mache glue mix, wipe off excess glue, and layer it on the balloon.

Are cardboard pinatas hard to break?

Unlike store-bought pinatas, which are generally made of cardboard and can be difficult to break, papier-mache pinatas are the real thing. And homemade ones aren’t reserved for children’s birthday parties.

What do u put in a pinata?

So I’ve put together a list of 30 non-candy piñata fillers you can use to fill your piñata, but not little bellies.

  1. Toy cars.
  2. Mini frisbees.
  3. Play-Doh.
  4. Balls.
  5. Stamps.
  6. Crayons.
  7. Small action figures.
  8. Finger flingers.

Is it hard to make a pinata?

Although a piñata is not the easiest thing to make from scratch, I will say that the process was so much fun – I can’t wait to make more! You’ll need: Fine crepe paper (cut into 2 inch strips and 1.5 inch strips) newspaper (cut into 1.5 inch strips)

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How do you make a pinata in 10 steps?

10 Steps to Make a Piñata

  1. Create the shape you want your piñata to be.
  2. Mix up some paste.
  3. Tear newspaper into strips.
  4. Apply newspaper strips to the shape.
  5. Allow the newspaper to dry.
  6. Paint the shape to resemble whatever you want.
  7. Allow the paint to dry and recoat if necessary.
  8. Add additional details to decorate the piñata.

How do you make a pinata break easier?

If you’re decorating the piñata using paint, then creating weakness becomes more difficult because the stab holes are visible in the piñata, even if it’s painted black. In that came it might be better to use a razor blade to score the inside of the box to weaken it from the inside.

How do you make a pinata hard to break?

Cheese cloth is super strong and makes the piñata indestructible. We’ve tried many different things over the years, and this works the best. Trust me! Use the same flour and water mixture to make it stick to the newspaper.

How do you make the perfect paper ball?

How to Make PAPER BALL!

  1. Materials: Scratch paper or newspaper ( as many as you like.
  2. Crumple the paper into circle.
  3. Wrap the other paper into your first crumpled paper.
  4. Do the same thing to the other papers.
  5. After all the paper are used, grip it tight with your hands.
  6. Next, wrap around the tape to the ball.
  7. Play with It!
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How do you strengthen paper mache?

The cheap options of flour or wallpaper paste are fine in many situations, but switching your glue to white PVA doubles the strength of the finished project. However this is costly, so a 50/50 mix of wallpaperpaste and PVA, thinned with water is a great substitute.

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How do you make pinatas with flour and balloons?

How to Make A Piñata: 3 Easy Methods

  1. Step 1 – Mix one part water with one part flour to create paste.
  2. Step 2 – Blow up balloon and cut newspaper into strips.
  3. Step 3 – Dip newspaper strip into paste, squeezing off excess paste.
  4. Step 4 – Repeat Step 3, layering newspaper on until the balloon is covered three to four layers deep.

Can you make a pinata without newspaper?

Any kind of paper that absorbs water can be used to make a piñata. Just make sure the paper is fully saturated with water before you take it out to apply it to the piñata. You do need some kind of paper or other absorbent material to hold the papier mâché together, however.

What kind of cardboard do you use for a pinata?

Materials Needed: 1 extra-large cardboard moving box. 4 toilet paper roll tubes or 2 paper towel tubes cut in half. 4 rolls colorful crepe paper.

How do you make a pinata without a balloon?


  1. Fill the Bag. Start by putting your candy or other treats in the bottom of the bag.
  2. Staple the Bag Shut.
  3. Prepare the Tissue Paper for the Base.
  4. Wrap the Base in Tissue Paper.
  5. Cut Tissue Paper Strips.
  6. Fringe the Paper.
  7. Add Glue to the Tissue Paper.
  8. Attach the Paper Strip to the Bag.

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