Often asked: How To Play Head Basketball?

How do you dash your head in basketball?

Double-tap in a single direction to dash. You can double-jump as well. Also, if you punch the other player enough times, you can drain their energy meter, causing them to go dizzy and be unable to move for a few second or until a point is scored in somebody’s basket.

How do you get stat points in head basketball?

Each character can level up either by earning experience through victories in any of the 5 game modes or by purchasing the experience with Points. For each level up, the character will receive 5 stat points. You can use these points to upgrade one of the 8 stats.

Who is the best character in head basketball?

Tepano: Undisputedly the best character in the game.

How do you unlock characters in head basketball?

List of all Unlock Requirements

  1. Taemin: Download the game.
  2. Hayato: Win against 12 Characters in Arcade or pay 100,000 points.
  3. Alfredo: Win 30 Tournaments or pay 200,000 points.
  4. Harish: Win against 12 Characters in Arcade with a clean sheet or pay 300,000 points.

How do you counter your head in basketball?

To perform a counter, you must first need to have your opponent use a special move. You can even counter a counter. When the opponent is using the special move, press the swing button at the ball. It doesn’t matter if they are holding it (Dunk) or throwing it (Air Shot / Counter), you can counter it anyway.

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How do you get coins in head basketball?

You earn points playing Game Modes (Tournament gives you most points per hour, although Campaign is useful as well) Also, you can get more points if you watch videos and you can buy them for real money.


  1. Costumes.
  2. Characters.
  3. Upgrade level and get stars to upgrade your character.

What stage is God rank in Head Basketball?

GOD Rank – Achieved at level 100, though Savika is not unlocked until completing level 101.

How do you unlock Samir head in basketball?

You have to pay $0.99 or £0.99 to D&D Dream to get him.

What is a clean sheet in head basketball?

A “clean sheet” occurs when a sporting team manages to prevent its opponents from scoring any goals or points during a game. With a no-score-draw, it is possible for both teams involved to keep a clean sheet.

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