Often asked: What Coach Has Won The Most Ncaa Basketball Championships?

Which coaches have won the most NCAA basketball championships?

It’s the first season Mike Krzyzewski took over in Durham. Before Coach K, Duke had been to two title games, losing to UCLA in 1964 and Kentucky in 1978. Since, they’ve been to nine, winning five, and holding the record for the most championships since 1990. 4 дня назад

Who is the winningest NCAA basketball coach?


Rank Name Wins
1* Mike Krzyzewski 1,170
2* Herb Magee 1,123
3 Harry Statham 1,122
4 Danny Miles 1,040

Who won the most NCAA basketball championships?

UCLA leads the rank in regards to championships as the Bruins have won a record 11 championships. The Kentucky Wildcats have the second most championships, a total of 8 titles.

Number of men’s NCAA college basketball championships by team from 1939 to 2019.

Number of titles
Kentucky 8
North Carolina 6
Indiana 5
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Which legendary college basketball coach has won the most NCAA championships?

In current coaching terms, he owns more national championships than Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Calhoun and Roy Williams combined. A six-time NCAA Coach of the Year, John Wooden is not only college basketball’s all-time greatest coach, he is arguably the best coach in all of sports history.

Who has the most NCAA Final Four appearances?

Total Final Four appearances

App. School
20 North Carolina
18 UCLA*
17 Kentucky
16 Duke

Which coach has the most Final Four appearances?

Final Four appearances by coach

Number Coach Team(s)
12 Mike Krzyzewski Duke
12 John Wooden UCLA
11 Dean Smith North Carolina
9 Roy Williams Kansas (4), North Carolina (5)

Who is the winningest coach in all sports?


Rank Coach W
1. Mike Krzyzewski 1170
2. Jim Boeheim 1083
3. Roy Williams 903
4. Bob Knight 899

Who is the greatest college basketball coach of all time?

1. John Wooden. College basketball’s greatest coach ever has to be John Wooden. His UCLA Bruins put a stranglehold on the sport during his time in Southern California.

Who is the all time winningest women’s basketball coach in NCAA history?

Tara VanDerveer, the head coach of Idaho from 1978-80, Ohio State from 1980-85 and Stanford from 1988 and from 1996-present, tops the list with 1,119 career wins.

Has any NCAA basketball team gone undefeated?

Bill Russell and the 1956 San Francisco Dons were the first NCAA Division I men’s college basketball team to finish the year undefeated with an NCAA tournament national championship.

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Undefeated national champions since 1939:

1955-56 San Francisco 29-0

4 дня назад

Who is NCAA 2020 champion?

Baylor is the most recent champion, having defeated Gonzaga in the final of the 2021 tournament.

What years did Duke win NCAA basketball championships?

The team won national championships in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2019 as well as 13 consecutive ACC championships from 1995–2008. A number of successful professional golfers have gone through Duke’s program.

What college basketball team has the most wins of all time?

List of teams with the most victories in NCAA Division I men’s college basketball

Rank College Wins
1 Kentucky 2,327
2 Kansas 2,323
3 North Carolina 2,294
4 Duke 2,214

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