Quick Answer: Who Invented The Jump Shot In Basketball?

Who invented the jumpshot?

From Executive Producer Stephen Curry, the award-winning film JUMP SHOT celebrates the true story of Kenny Sailors, the forgotten basketball legend who introduced the jump shot, became a two-time collegiate All-American and NBA pioneer, revolutionized the sport for women, served as a U.S. Marine in World War II and

Who was the first person to make a basketball shot in the NBA?

Remembering Ossie Schectman And The First Basket In NBA History04:35.

Who has the ugliest jumpshot?

  • 8 Don Nelson.
  • 7 Tony Allen.
  • 6 Joakim Noah.
  • 5 Dikembe Mutombo.
  • 4 Andris Biedrins.
  • 3 Chuck Hayes.
  • 2 Shawn Marion.
  • 1 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

What did Kenny Sailors do?

Kenneth Lloyd Sailors (January 14, 1921 – January 30, 2016) was an American professional basketball player active in the 1940s and early 1950s. A 5-foot-10-inch (1.78 m) guard, he is notable for popularizing the jump shot as an alternative to the two-handed, flat-footed set shot.

What’s the easiest shot in basketball?

Although early critics thought the leap might lead to indecision in the air, the jump shot replaced the earlier, less quickly released set shot, and eventually transformed the game because it is the easiest shot to make from a distance and more difficult for a defender to block.

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Who scored the first 3 pointer in NBA history?

Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics is credited with making the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979. The season opener at Boston Garden was more remarkable for the debut of Larry Bird (and two new head coaches).

What team owns the longest winning streak in NBA history?

33 consecutive wins is the record for the longest winning streak, hold by the Los Angeles Lakers 1971-1972: a record that a record that has been running for 40 years.

Who has the best jumpshot in the NBA?

1. Stephen Curry. A rising superstar at the point guard position, Stephen Curry thrives thanks to arguably the best outside shot in basketball. Though just 6’3,” Curry always seems capable of getting his shot off due to a lightning quick release that still manages to preserve perfect form.

Why does Shawn Marion shot like that?

‘ ” The origins of the shot are unclear, because Marion refuses to explain it. Sparks said the form was well established by the time Marion arrived at Vincennes as a 17-year-old. He theorized that Marion started shooting that way as a skinny, weak-armed youngster who had no other way to get the ball to the basket.

Is Kenny Sailors in the NBA Hall of Fame?

Recognizing Kenny Sailors‘ legacy

[+] But Sailors is still unrecognized in the Naismith Hall-of-Fame. There was a push to get him recognized before he passed away in January 2016, but it fell short.

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