Readers ask: How To Watch Dear Basketball?

How can I watch Kobe Bryant dear basketball?

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, his studio has released his short film, “Dear Basketball,” to be viewed for free online. The Oscar-winning short, made by Granity Studios, is available for viewing on and Vimeo.

Is dear basketball on Amazon Prime?

Is Dear Basketball on Amazon Prime? While ‘Dear Basketball‘ is not available for free streaming, you can buy and stream the entire collection of Oscar-nominated short films for 2018.

Can I buy dear basketball?

You can buy a digital streaming version Dear Basketball as part of the 2018 Oscar Nominated Shorts for $7.99 on Amazon Prime. The short is based on a poem Bryant published in The Players’ Tribune in November of 2015 that doubled as an announcement that he was playing his final NBA season.

How can I watch Kobe Bryant?

You can watch the memorial live on most local LA television stations, such as ABC7 and FOX 11, the latter of which has already started streaming live from the memorial. will also be streaming the event starting at 1:00 p.m. If you subscribe to BET or CBS All Access, you’ll find streaming access there too.

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How can I watch Kobe Bryant documentary?

The documentary can be viewed on ClutchPoints’ YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Episode 1 and 2 – July 5.
  2. Episodes 3 and 4 – July 12.
  3. Episodes 5 and 6 – July 19.
  4. Episodes 7 and 8 – July 26.

Is dear basketball a book?

Dear Basketball is a 2017 American animated film written and narrated by Kobe Bryant and directed and animated by Glen Keane, with music by John Williams. The film is based on a letter Bryant wrote for The Players’ Tribune on November 29, 2015, announcing his retirement from basketball.

Did Kobe draw Dear basketball?

Even before he wrote the poem on which the Oscar-winning short “Dear Basketball” was based, Kobe Bryant was interested in animation. The film, featuring a score by the composer John Williams, won both the Academy Award for best animated short in 2018 and the Annie Award, the animation industry’s most prestigious prize.

What type of poem is dear basketball?

Structure of Dear Basketball

The poem is written in free verse, with all stanzas focused on Kobe Bryant’s love for basketball.

Why did Kobe change his number?

Kobe entered the league as a high school phenom and was drafted by the LA Lakers. Prior to Kobe joining the purple and gold, he wore the number #143 during the Adidas ABCD camp. Notice any similarities? The 3 digits add up to 8, which was one reason why Kobe chose this number.

What does granity mean Kobe?

Granityis a word Bryant created from the combination of the phrase “greater than infinity.” The studio is developing a multitude of stories outlined by the Hall of Fame-bound player for a variety of media.

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Did Kobe Bryant watch anime?

Bryant, who long has spoken about what a huge student and fan of animation he is (he particularly loves Japanese anime and classic Disney-style) and is said to have ambitions of creating an animation-devoted division at his Newport Beach-based Granity Studios, is among the most popular people in the city of Los Angeles

What did Kobe do after he retired?

Create a Second Career

Notably, he created a production company, Granity Studios. He developed a short film “Dear Basketball” that won an Academy Award in 2017. Since then, he created a series of books for children, The Wizenard Series, designed to inspire kids.

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