Readers ask: When Is The Next Atlanta Hawks Basketball Game?

How much do Atlanta Hawks tickets cost?

Atlanta Hawks Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020-21 State Farm Arena $135
2019-20 State Farm Arena $74
2018-19 State Farm Arena $73
2017-18 State Farm Arena $55

Will Hawks have fans?

NBA Team Fan Policies. Atlanta Hawks (State Farm Arena, capacity 18,118): The Hawks have 10% capacity at home games. Charlotte Hornets (Spectrum Center, 19,077): The Hornets have 25% capacity at home games. Chicago Bulls (United Center, 20,917): No fans currently. 4 дня назад

How much do Atlanta Hawks players get paid?

Atlanta Hawks team salaries 2020-21 season

PLAYER 2020-21 2021-22
Danilo Gallinari $19,500,000 $20,475,000
Bogdan Bogdanovic $18,000,000 $18,000,000
Clint Capela $16,000,000 $17,103,448
Tony Snell $12,178,571

How do I get Atlanta Hawks tickets?

For the second half of the season, we will host Season Ticket Members and offer limited, single game ticket inventory. To learn about more ticketing options visit or text 404.878. 3888 to talk to a Hawks representative.

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Can you buy courtside seats?

An average person can purchase courtside tickets with a season package or buy them directly on the NBA Tickets website.

Is the NBA allowing fans?

The team is permitted to have 12% capacity at home games and will follow extensive COVID-19 protocols to ensure fan safety during games.

Will Miami Heat allow fans?

Miami Heat fans who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to sit in a special section for games beginning on April 1. The team told the Associated Press Tuesday that two sections in the lower bowl of the American Airlines Arena will be dedicated to fully vaccinated fans.

Which NBA team has the most fans worldwide?

With 21.75 million fans, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most followed National Basketball Association team account on Facebook.

Facebook fans of National Basketball Association teams as of March 2021 (in millions)

Facebook fans in millions
NBA 39
Los Angeles Lakers 21.75
Chicago Bulls 17.24

What is the average attendance for NBA games?

This graph depicts the total attendance at regular season games in the National Basketball Association from the 2006/07 season to the 2019/20 season. In the 2019/20 season, the total attendance was at over 17 million. The league-wide average per game attendance in the NBA was 17,750 in the 2019/20 season.

What is Trae Young’s real name?

Full name is Rayford Trae Young, goes by his middle name. Born in Lubbock, Texas. Son of Candice and Rayford Young; has a younger brother, Timothy, and two younger sisters, Caitlyn and Camryn.

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What is Trae Young’s salary?


Player Age 2020-21
Trae Young 22 $6,571,800
Onyeka Okongwu 20 $5,813,640
Kris Dunn 27 $4,767,000

What is a max contract NBA?

Eligibility. In broad strokes, the “max contract” is the most money a team is allowed to give a player under the rules of the NBA salary cap. Per the most recent NBA collective bargaining agreement in 2017, players eligible must have met these criteria: Must be on the team he was with at the end of his rookie contract.

How much are NBA tickets now?

NBA Ticket Prices

Fans searching for NBA tickets will find an average ticket price of $94 per seat, according to SeatGeek data. Rivalry games and special events exceed this average.

How much do courtside tickets cost?

You can score courtside tickets for less than $500 to see the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, or Atlanta Hawks. Some of the most expensive NBA courtside tickets are for the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Knicks. These can range from just over $1,000 to $3,600 or more.

What is free to do in Atlanta this weekend?

Free Things to Do in Atlanta

  • Walk Along the Atlanta Beltline. Go for a walk along one of the best urban spaces in America.
  • See the Skyline from Jackson Street Bridge.
  • Go on a Self-Guided Walking Dead Tour.
  • Shoot the Hooch (Summer)
  • Hike Stone Mountain.
  • Piedmont Park.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Hike Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield State Park.

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