Often asked: Nc State 1983 Basketball Roster Where Are They Now?

Who was on the 1983 NC State basketball team?

Per Game

Rk Player 3PA
1 Thurl Bailey 0.4
2 Dereck Whittenburg
3 Ernie Myers
4 Sidney Lowe

What happened to Lorenzo Charles?

Charles died at the age of 47 in a bus crash on Interstate 40 in Raleigh on June 27, 2011. He was at the controls of an Elite Coach rental bus, without passengers. Charles received a Catholic funeral and is interred at Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh.

What was NC State ranked in 1983?

The game was played on April 4, 1983, at The Pit in Albuquerque, New Mexico and paired top-ranked, #1 seed Midwest Regional Champions, the Houston Cougars, and sixteenth-ranked, #6 seed West Regional Champions, the NC State Wolfpack. 1983 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Game.

NC State Wolfpack Houston Cougars
AP: 16 Coaches: 14 AP: 1 Coaches: 1

What teams were in the NCAA Final Four in 1983?

1983 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

  • Georgia Bulldogs (1st Final Four)
  • Louisville Cardinals (6th Final Four)

What type of cancer did Jimmy Valvano have?

Jim Valvano had metastatic adenocarcinoma, which was discovered in his spine and later spread to his hips, legs and back.

What is the lowest seed to win NCAA?

The lowest seeded team ever to win the title was Villanova, a No. 8 way back in 1985 when the tournament first expanded to 64 teams.

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How many national championships does NC State have?

NC State’s rich tradition of college athletics began soon after the school’s founding, when students organized the first football game in 1892. Since then, our teams have won four national championships and countless conference titles, and we’ve won 31 individual national championships.

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