Often asked: What Basketball Player Wrote A Book?

What basketball players have written a book?

Kobe Bryant has the bestselling book of all time (among athletes)

What athlete wrote a children’s book?

NFL veteran Marcus Smith II is releasing, “Bathtime with Rai,” a new children’s book that he hopes will resonate with the “modern Black dads of the world.” “The book was written for the modern Black dads of the world and for the little brown girls of the world,” Smith told Access in an interview.

Did LeBron James write a bestselling book?

LeBron James plays for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. At this writing, his Cavaliers have the third best record in the NBA and hold a commanding lead in their Division. Buzz Bissinger wrote what is widely held to be the best and bestselling book about high school sports ever—Friday Night Lights.

What basketball player has written a best selling book?

Kobe Bryant: The NBA Player/Author Who Wrote A Best Selling Book (Update) The Wizenard Series: Season One, a book from Kobe Bryant and Wesley King, released last Thursday to considerable fanfare. Many know Bryant for the time he spent in the NBA, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to six championships.

What athlete is a best selling author?

Jose Canseco isn’t making the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. But get used to this–he is making the Athlete Author Hall of Fame.

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Who is Kobe Bryant book?

Author Ellen Labreque takes readers through each exciting moment, from his iconic dunks to his 81-point game–all the milestones that span Kobe Bryant’s legendary career and legacy.

Who influenced LeBron James?

One of James’ early basketball influences, Keith Dambrot has remained in touch with the superstar. As a 13 year-old, James, was coached by Dambrot for AAU basketball clinics at the Akron Jewish Community Center. Dambrot was the basketball coach at St. Vincent-St.

Who is LeBron James book?

The Boy Who Became King is the inspiring true story of NBA superstar LeBron James. This Fully illustrated picture book biography tells the story of a young boy and his loving, single mother and their struggle to make it on their own.

What is LeBron James Promise school?

I Promise School (IPS) is a public elementary school in Akron, Ohio, opened in 2018, supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation, and specifically aimed at at-risk children.

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