Often asked: When Was Love And Basketball Made?

Is Love and Basketball Based on a true story?

Prince-Bythewood, a former UCLA track runner who played basketball in high school, was working as a TV writer in the mid-1990s. But she longed to tell a semi-autobiographical story about a female baller. She quit her job, wrote the script and began shopping it around.

How long did Omar Epps and Sanaa date?

It’s not clear when their relationship started or ended but fans speculate that their relationship lasted a little under two years. Lathan and Epps eventually split.

Who made the movie Love and Basketball?

Love & Basketball
Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood
Produced by Spike Lee Sam Kitt
Written by Gina Prince-Bythewood
Starring Omar Epps Sanaa Lathan Alfre Woodard Dennis Haysbert

Will there be a Love and Basketball 2?

For the record, there is NO sequel to Love and Basketball happening.

Who is the baby in love and basketball?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Glenndon Chatman Young Quincy
Madison Duvernay Lena’s Baby
Nairobi Dickens Monica & Quincy’s Baby
Sandra Von Embrigs Assistant Coach
Yolanda Higgins Assistant Coach

Does Netflix have love and basketball?

Love & Basketball | Netflix.

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Did Sanaa Lathan have a baby?

Having kids doesn’t seem to be something the actress takes very lightly. While admitting to having been on a couple of dates, there is no distinct evidence she’s in any relationship. Lathan has been linked in high profile celebrities in the past including her Love & Basketball co-star, Omar Epp.

Was Shemar Moore married to Sanaa Lathan?

Shemar Moore and Sanaa Lathan were married in 1991 the couple filed for divorce in 1996.

Is Love and Basketball a chick flick?

Love & Basketball, which came out in 2000, occupies a slightly different space. Too often dismissed as a soppy chick flick, the film is a drama that is clear-eyed and serious about female ambition and gender roles.

What do you love about basketball?

The fast-paced nature of the game makes it exciting. Playing basketball is a whole lot of fun. You socialize and meet people with common interests as yours. You can easily consider basketball a popular sport for the reason why everybody loves to play it.

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