Quick Answer: What Is A Crossover In Basketball?

Who has the most crossovers in the NBA?

Today, we’ll list the top 10 ankle breakers in NBA history.

  • John Wall.
  • Isaiah Thomas.
  • Chris Paul.
  • Rajon Rondo.
  • Steph Curry.
  • Jamal Crawford.
  • Tim Hardaway.
  • Michael Jordan.

What is the purpose of a crossover dribble?

The crossover dribble is one of the most effective ways to maintain control of the ball against heavy pressure, or, while attempting to go by your man. It is the primary tool used by the point guard while travelling up the court under defensive pressure.

How do you practice crossover?


  1. Develop your dribble. Before you attempt a crossover, make sure you’ve got a good handle on power dribbling and can maintain good ball control.
  2. Fake to your dominant side. To do an accurate-looking fake, push the ball to the side you’re dribbling it in.
  3. Hesitate.
  4. Stay low and wide.
  5. Cross the ball over.

What is a crossover in sport?

This is a dribbling move that is performed by an offensive player when he or she moves the ball from one side of their body to the other with a single dribble.

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Who has the best handles ever?

It’s an important quality that often makes him the best choice as a point guard.

  • #8 Tim Hardaway.
  • #7 Jamal Crawford.
  • #6 Pete Maravich.
  • #5 Isiah Thomas.
  • #4 Stephen Curry.
  • #3 Derrick Rose.
  • #2 Allen Iverson.
  • #1 Kyrie Irving.

Who has the best crossover of all-time?

Tim Hardaway had best crossover in NBA history, Mychal Thompson says.

Why is a crossover so dangerous in basketball?

A crossover is so dangerous in basketball because it can break an opponent’s ankles. When he didn’t get surgery is what ends his basketball career.

How do you cross up someone in basketball?

Here is a quick summary of how to cross someone:

  1. Set Up Your Defender: Use a through the legs, double through the legs, in n out, or really any dribble move that gets the defender moving a little.
  2. Execute a Proper Crossover: Bring the ball out, get into an attack position, cross back over in the opposite direction.

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