Readers ask: Basketball Highlight Video?

What should be in a highlight video?

How do I put together a highlight video?

  1. Include the right highlights.
  2. Keep your video short—about three to five minutes.
  3. Showcase your best clips first.
  4. Use freeze frames and/or spot shadows.
  5. Vary the skills you showcase.
  6. Include footage from before and after the play.
  7. Make sure the quality of the video is high.

How do you make a highlight video on HUDL for basketball?

Create Highlights from Game Video

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap Video.
  2. Select the game you’d like to use for highlights.
  3. Tap the + icon when you see a moment you’d like to highlight.
  4. Tap the clip you’d like to edit.
  5. Tap Edit.
  6. Drag the handles along the timeline to lengthen or trim the clip.
  7. Tap Done.

How do I make a video highlight?

Create Premium Highlights ( Android )

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap Highlights.
  2. Tap the blue circle with the + to create a new highlight reel.
  3. Tap the pencil icon to name your highlight reel.
  4. Give your highlight a title, tap Done on your keyboard.
  5. Next, you can add: Videos. Music. Title Slides. Photos.
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How long should a basketball highlight video be?

Basketball highlight videos should be under four minutes with 20-30 great plays that demonstrate the athlete’s strongest skills.

How much is a highlight video?

Sports Highlight Video Cost. My services start at $150 per video (up to 15 clips).

How do you send highlight videos to colleges?

You should send them an email with a clear subject indicating that your highlight video is included. In the email, make sure to include a sentence or two about your interest in their program and thank them for taking the time to watch the video you attached.

How long should a HUDL highlight be?

Gunderson recommended a limit of five minutes for a highlight video, and added that elite prospects won’t need that much time to prove their worth. “Depending on who the kid is, he may need to show only ten plays,” Gunderson said.

How do you make a highlight video on synergy?

Click Synergy Edits -> your username -> “My Edits” -> then the video folder. Let’s say the first 5 clips of the edit are for Player 1 of your personnel page, AND you want them in the specific order 1-5. 3-1) Click the 1st clip, hold shift, then click the 5th clip. This will highlight all 5 clips.

How do you make a highlight video on YouTube?

How to create a highlight

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. From the upper right, click Create.
  3. Click Stream or Manage and start a stream.
  4. When something interesting happens, add a stream marker, tap Insert stream marker from the top right.
  5. From the top, click Create highlight.
  6. Trim the video: Select what you want to highlight.
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How do you make a highlight video on HUDL 2020?

Tag highlights by creating clips

  1. Log in to and click Video.
  2. Select the game with the plays you’d like to highlight.
  3. When you see a moment you want to highlight, click Create Clip.
  4. Select the clip.
  5. Drag the handles to trim or extend your highlight.
  6. Click Save Clip to add it to Your Clips.

What app do you use to highlight videos?

If you’re new to video editing, you’ll need video editing software that’s simple to use. Software like Final Cut and Adobe Premiere give you powerful video editing capabilities, but they have a steep learning curve. For beginners, most professionals recommend iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

How much does a HUDL account cost?

In addition to the storage change, the pricing model is also undergoing a bit of a change with the Silver package going from $800 annually to $900 annually, the Gold Package will go from $1,400 to $1,600 and the Platinum Package will go from $3,000 to $3,300.

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