Readers ask: Highest Scoring Basketball Game?

Has any NBA team scored 200 points?

No NBA team has ever scored 200 points in a game. In 1983, the Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets 186–184 and this is the most in NBA history. No NBA team has ever scored 200 points in a game.

What is the record for most points scored in an NBA game?

Golden State Warriors: Wilt Chamberlain (100 points) Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game is not only the Golden State Warriors’ franchise record for points scored in a game, but it’s also the NBA record.

Has any NBA player scored 100 points?

Wilt Chamberlain set the single-game scoring record in the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) by scoring 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169–147 win over the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962, at Hershey Sports Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Has any NBA team went 82 0?

Out of these four teams, the Warriors were the only ones to have the best overall season and lose in the NBA Finals. AND it was in that same season that the pitiful Sixers suffered the worst season in NBA history

What was the lowest NBA score ever?

On this day 69 years ago – November 22, 1950, to be exact – the Fort Wayne Pistons defeated the Minneapolis Lakers in the lowest scoring game in NBA history, 19-18.

Who scored 70 points in an NBA game?

Former University of Kentucky star Devin Booker set a franchise record with 70 points Friday in the Phoenix Suns’ 130-120 loss to the Celtics in Boston.

Who has scored 70 points in an NBA game?

Players Who Scored 60 or More Points

Points Player Team W/L Game
70 Devin Booker Phoenix Suns L 120-130 @ Celtics
70 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors L 148-163 @ Nationals
69 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls W 117-113 OT @ Cavaliers
68 Pete Maravich New Orleans Jazz W 124-107 vs. Knicks

How many 50 point games did Shaq have?

Shaquille O’Neal played in 3 games with 50 + points.

Who has the most 70 point games?

Interpreted as:

Wilt Chamberlain 1962-63
Wilt Chamberlain 1961-62
Devin Booker 2016-17 11.0
Kobe Bryant 2005-06 13.0

Who is the greatest point guard of all time?

Top 50 Point Guards of All-Time: Magic, The Big O and Curry top the List

Rank Player GP
1 Magic Johnson 906
2 Oscar Robertson 1040
3 Stephen Curry 694
4 Isaiah Thomas 979
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Who is the best 14 year old basketball player?

Seventh Woods may just very well be the best 14-year-old ball player I have ever seen on tape. A basketball highlight reel of the high school freshman on Youtube shows athletic abilities not even seen on prized freshmen on the college level.

Has any team gone 16 0 in NBA playoffs?

The Warriors didn’t go 16-0, but they finished with the best playoff record in NBA history in 2017.

Who is the winningest NBA team?

By clinching the 2020 NBA title, the Los Angeles Lakers have 17 championships to their name – tied for the most all-time with the Boston Celtics. Both franchises have accounted for 45.9% of the 74 championships in NBA history.

What is the longest game in NBA history?

On this day 70 years ago, the longest NBA game ever was played. It took six overtimes and 78 minutes to separate the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals at Edgerton Arena in Rochester, New York, with the Olympians finally knocking off the home team, 75-73.

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