Readers ask: Professional Basketball Dancer?

How much do professional basketball dancers make?

In 2017, ESPN reported that cheerleaders made between $75 and $150 per game. This may seem good from an outsider who thinks, “not bad for a three hours game,” however, once you know everything that goes into the job, that amount becomes very small in relation.

What does a professional basketball dancer do?

NBA cheerleaders entertain fans with flawless dance routines and energetic cheers. They get the energy pumping in an arena, and they get fans even more excited to watch a game. The complex dance moves performed by NBA cheerleaders require hours of rehearsal and workouts each week.

How much do NBA dancers make 2019?

On average, cheerleaders earn approximately $75 to $150 per game. That rate doesn’t traditionally consider the hours of practice the cheerleaders have to put in ahead of the game.

How much do magic dancers get paid?

NBA Cheerleaders Salary: How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Earn?

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Cheerleaders Team Per Match Fees Annual Payscale
Golden State Warriors Cheerleaders $550 $30,000
Memphis Grizzlies Cheerleaders $350 $22,000
Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleaders $250 $18,000
Orlando Magic Cheerleaders $200 $15,000

How much does a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader make a year?

How much NFL cheerleaders make depends on the number of appearances, but they probably make less than $10,000 per year.

How much do Waterboys make in the NBA?

Speaking of chump change, waterboys obviously make a lot less money than NBA players, but $53,000 to $58,000 a year is not bad at all! Some waterboys who have been on a team for a long time receive promotions and perks, so once it’s all said and one, NBA waterboys still make a lot more than an average American.

Are NBA dancers allowed to date players?

Dancers and cheerleaders are forbidden for hanging out with the players. Most teams won’t let players and dancers even chat to each other. One of the perks would be getting to chill with the top-level players – but not in the NBA.

Which NBA team has the best dancers?

Top 30 NBA Dancers

  • brooklyn-nets.
  • boston-celtics. Boston Celtics Dancers – #7.
  • toronto-raptors. Toronto Raptors Dancers – #6.
  • orlando-magic. Orlando Magic Dancers – #5.
  • charlotte-hornets. Charlotte Hornets Dancers – #4.
  • washington-wizards. Washington Wizards Dancers – #3.
  • atlanta-hawks. Atlanta Hawks Dancers – #2.
  • miami-heat. Miami Heat Dancers – #1.

How much do the luvabulls get paid?

They get paid $40 bucks a game. They also get two tickets per game. If a game lasts two and a half hours, that’s $16 an hour. But, that’s assuming the Luvabulls only have to be there for the duration of the game.

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What is the lowest salary in the NBA?

NBA Minimum Salaries For 2020/21

Years of Experience Salary
1 $1,445,697
2 $1,620,564
3 $1,678,854

What is the maximum WNBA salary?

Though WNBA players earn more under their new contract, annual compensation pales in comparison to their counterparts in the National Basketball Association, where the maximum salary for top players is set at $30 million per season.

Do dancers earn well?

How much do dancers make or earn? The average wage of a dancer in the US is $20.70 an hour as reported in May 2018 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But 50% of dancers will actually earn $16.31 or less per hour.

How much do professional dancers make on tour?

Despite the jetsetting lifestyle and getting to work with superstars, most dancers are essentially independent contractors. That means booking gigs piecemeal, working long hours, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making roughly $14 an hour on average, or $34,000 a year.

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