Readers ask: Where Can I Buy A Basketball?

What is the cost of basketball?

Basketball Price list in India (April 2021)

Basketball NAME PRICE
Nivia Off to School Basketball Basketball – Size: 7(Pack of 1, Brown) Rs.699
Cosco PRIMIER JUNIOR Basketball – Size: 3(Pack of 1, Green) Rs.290
Cosco multigraphic basketball size 3 Basketball – Size: 3(Pack of 1, Blue) Rs.260

Is Spalding or Wilson basketball better?

If you are looking for a basketball that is durable and affordable, then the Wilson Basketball is better. If you are looking for a basketball that has better feel, then the Spalding basketball is better. You can have the best basketball and ball like the pros with the Spalding NBA Official Game Ball.

Which is the best basketball?

Some of the best and expensive basketball balls are:

  • The Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball.
  • The Spalding TF-1000.
  • The Wilson Evolution Indoor basketball.
  • The Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball.
  • The Molten X-Series GG7X Indoor Basketball.

How much does a good basketball cost?

A good basketball will cost anywhere between $29.99 and $69.99. Some affordable basketballs are the Spalding NBA Zi/O, Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball, Spalding TF-5000, and the Wilson Evolution Basketball.

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Which Indian basketball is best?

Best Basketball In India ( Spalding ) Online (November) 2020- Reviewed & Compared

  • Cosco Hi-Grip.
  • Nivia Engraver.
  • Spalding NBA Rebound.
  • Nivia Top Grip.
  • Spalding 2015 Alley-OOP.
  • Spalding 2015 Alley-OOP.
  • Nike Labron.

What is the most expensive basketball ball?

The Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball is by far the most expensive basketball on this list. It is made from genuine Horween leather.

What size basketball should I buy?

What Size Basketball Should I Buy?

Age and Gender Basketball Size
Ages 9-11 Youth 27.5″ Size 5
Women and girls age 12 and up Boys ages 12-14 Women’s Official Size Boy’s Intermediate 28.5” Size 6
Men age 15 and up Men’s Official Size 29.5” Size 7

What ball do NBA players use?

The Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball has been the official game ball of the NBA since 1983. This indoor basketball features a full-grain leather cover that provides exceptional feel and touch, setting the standard for ultimate performance and playability.

Should I play basketball in the rain?

Yeah, playing in wet conditions will wear your ball down quicker depending on the materials used. I loved playing in the rain, especially working on my ball-handling. It might wear out your material faster, but as long as you aren’t doing anything so high-impact that you slip, you’ll be fine.

What is the best Wilson basketball?

Best Wilson Basketballs: Our Picks

  1. Wilson Evolution. This is an incredible basketball that will change your game.
  2. Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball. Since the NCAA uses this as its official game ball, you know it is a quality basketball.
  3. Wilson Wave. This is a versatile basketball with great performance and great feel.
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Is molten a good basketball brand?

But if you care most about a quality, reliable ball, the Molten – Indoor/Outdoor is a great go-to. On the negative side, the Molten was the most expensive ball we tested, but for an official ball, it’s still low-priced: the comparative NCAA and NBA balls cost somewhere around 2x the price.

Who is the richest basketball player?

Michael Jordan arguably the greatest NBA-player of all time. Michael Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.5 Billion dollars, making him the richest NBA-player in the world.

Is LeBron better than Jordan?

Jordan had a career scoring average of 30.1 points per game to LeBron’s 27.1. But he also put up more shots (more than three per game on average) as LeBron was more of a passer than MJ, as evidenced by James’ 7.4 career assists average to Jordan’s 5.3. Another one I hear is about how LeBron is a better rebounder.

Who is the most famous basketball player?

The 10 Greatest Basketball Players of All Time

  • Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Larry Bird.
  • Bill Russell.
  • Oscar Robertson.
  • Wilt Chamberlain.
  • Magic Johnson.
  • Michael Jordan. I know I risk getting run out of my beloved Chicago on a rail for daring to suggest His Airness isn’t the best player ever but, well, I just don’t think he is.
  • LeBron James. LeBron James.

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