What Does Dime Mean In Basketball?

Why do they call it a dime in basketball?

The dime we are talking about is the ten-cent coin that was needed to use a payphone. A dime may be an easy or difficult pass that would lead to a score in basketball. The saying would usually come from the player that acquired the assist, or by fans watching the player do so. “He’s dropping dimes”.

What does throws a dime mean?

Dime. You get it. But NFL’s Next Gen Stats sought to define what an actual “ dime ” is and which quarterbacks are the best at throwing them. They define a “ dime ” as a pass that travels at least 30 yards in the air and fits into windows of one yard or less.

What is Dime slang for?

a very attractive person; “a perfect ten”. Frequently, attractiveness is rated on “a scale of 1 to 10.” In the United States, a dime is worth 10 cents. Hence, a ” dime ” is one whose attractiveness rates 10 on the scale. Also dime piece. See more words with the same meaning: attractive person (either gender).

Why is it called a nickel?

It wasn’t until 1883, after intense lobbying efforts by industrialist Joseph Wharton, that the nickel alloy caught on, replacing the half dime and becoming widely circulated as the “ nickel,” named after the metal by which it was made.

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What does it mean to dime on someone?

To drop a dime (on someone ) means to inform on them or betray them, usually to the police.

What is drop a dime in slang?

(idiomatic, slang ) To make a telephone call. ( slang, with on) To inform, to call the authorities (on). He was in the back for a few minutes. Turned out he was dropping a dime on Ralph.

What does In for a dime in for a dollar mean?

It means, “once you have invested in a project you must go through with it, even if that involves much more expense that you expected”. The expense can be literal, or figurative – time, effort, etc. (

Is dime a dozen an insult?

So if I say “cars like that are a dime a dozen ” it just means it’s not particularily original. In this case it implies that the friends are worthless, cheap. It means cheap quality and has a very negative connotation. It’s an insult.

What is a dime drug?

a packet containing an amount of an illegal drug selling for ten dollars.

Can you float me a dime meaning?

Does this have an implied meaning for the lendee to owe the lender whatever value they ” float ” them? It is a play on words related to the saying “to stay afloat” as in “keeping their head above water” or staying above the $0 dollar amount. So that a “lendee” can temporarily stay afloat with that $ from the lender.

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